There’s one resource you cannot miss if you want to increase your online presence: a digital channel that will rank you high on search engines, with concrete increased possibilities of conversion.

Stilizzazione della homepage di Google


We know how important it is for you to get the visibility you deserve, to increase the positioning of your company’s contents and grow your client portfolio. That’s why we are suggesting you this resource that will get your portal to the right spot. What’s the right spot? The first page of a search engine.

The answer is in the numbers: every day, millions of users search online for an answer to their questions. Being there in a time of need is the most important action you can take for the growth of your brand. If this resource is missing in your digital strategy you won’t have the chance to get these precious benefits that will make a difference to your business.

Stilizzazione della homepage di Google


Imagine being able to increase sales on your portal. Imagine reaching your business goals and getting more profiled contacts. This is possible thanks to our SEO consultants.

We plan the best SEO strategy to optimize, index and position your business content. How? Through a careful planning of the steps to follow in our amazing journey. Based on business variables such as goals, past situation and collected data we study the best performing approach for your brand.


Pronti, partenza e via. Il seo audit è il punto di inizio della consulenza seo. Ma cosa facciamo nello specifico? Effettuiamo un’analisi approfondita, dettagliata e tecnica dello stato attuale del tuo sito, grazie alla quale:

  1. Identifichiamo le criticità tecniche del sito: il robot.txt è inserito correttamente? La sitemap è presente? Sei sicuro che non vi siano tag duplicati o pagine 404? Con il SEO Audit lo scopriamo insieme!
  2. Analizziamo i contenuti presenti e il loro posizionamento, verificandone il potenziale e studiando come incrementarlo sempre più affinché siano visibili sui motori di ricerca;
  3. Definiamo le priorità di intervento: step by step mettiamo in pratica tutte le attività di ottimizzazione in base ai dati raccolti, seguendo una strategia ben precisa.

These are the steps of our SEO consulting:

Illustrazione di un SEO audit


If you want to have an SEO friendly site, you are in the right place. Thanks to on-site optimization activities we:
1. Improve your portal’s performance, proofread metatags, contents and the site’s entire structure;
2. Implement structured data and all the techniques that allow us to optimize your portal in the best possible way;
3. Rank your company’s contents, creating performing editorial plans, designed in the smallest detail.


Web works just like real life: if someone says good things about a certain company, other people are motivated to choose it as well. If those people have a strong credibility in our eyes the chance of conversion becomes higher and higher.

Now, think of web in the same way: if other portals, trustworthy for search engines, will say good things about you, you will have a higher chance to get new connections and speeding up your portal’s positioning activity.

We are talking about link building, an activity that lets you:

1. Increase your site’s prestige
2. Improve the positioning of the portal
3. Increase trust in your contents

Illustrazione di una strategia di link baiting


You want to know the results of our SEO consulting? You want to check what happens to your channels on a daily basis? You want to know all the data related to your portal? Thanks to Google Data Studio’s reports we analyse the results, step by step, to perform the fields of action. Then, we analytically and scientifically choose the next steps to take to reach the goal: search engine results’ first page.

Thanks to our SEO consulting you get clean data, detailed interpretations and strategies to keep walking toward the right direction. A dynamic dashboard that you can consult at any time to check our work and be happy about the achievements.

What’s the goal? To make a highly enjoyable user experience, to engage users with our contents and aim for conversion.


We make your portal visible on search engines. How? Through a precise, careful and detailed SEO strategy. We are specialized in website ranking. We design perfectly optimized portals to rank in SERP. We carefully follow all design processes: from the construction of the company site to its revision, thanks to keyword research, SEO-oriented siloing and on-page optimizations.

The goal? To make to make a highly enjoyable user experience, to engage the user with our content and aim for conversion. At the end of this journey, we will have acquired a new customer!


The data speak for us: the SEO consulting we offered to our clients owning an e-commerce is excellent. As you will see from our case history, we achieved high and concrete results in terms of organic page ranking. How? Thanks to a winning Seo consulting!

Detailed keyword research, SEO-focused siloing, product sheets, optimized texts and pictures: how about you start taking these big steps?

If you want to have constant support, if you want to use a performing strategy, if you wish to correctly position your e-commerce and get to the best target for your business, just contact us: we are happy to take you on this fantastic digital journey!


Right results in the right times. Seo consulting allows you to achieve three major goals:

1. User interaction (CTR)
2. Number of keywords placed
3. Conversion rate

Let’s climb the SERP rankings together and get to the engaged target with guaranteed, lasting and solid results over time. To reach the first position it’s essential to wait the right time for search engines to perform all the analysis and verification on our future contents:

1. Scanned
2. Indexed
3. Ranked.


Relying on SEO experts means putting your business in the hands of professional consultants who will index your strategies in the right direction for the goals of your brand.

Relying on an SEO agency guarantees you to correctly rank your company’s contents, intercepting the profiled audience and increasing the number of clients.

Why should you choose DNA Agency? If you want to give your digital business a boost, we are the right people for you. We will give you all the experience we gained over the years, the skills of our team and our constant support to make you achieve new results, the ones you’ve always wanted.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to start this amazing journey together!