It’s time to change and improve your business’ performance. Words are the basis of digital marketing. Words are the real engine of every digital interaction. What are you waiting for? Make a change in your digital experience.

Stilizzazione dei tre cervelli di MacLean

Communication strategy

There’s only one way to communicate, in our opinion: using the right words to effectively convey the values of the brands we follow in their digital experience.

We pay the utmost attention to every single aspect: every communication strategy we create is aimed at enhancing your digital business thanks to the study of the words we will use to tell, convey and share the uniqueness of the brand.

Choose to properly communicate who you are and what you are offering to your potential clients!

Stilizzazione dei tre cervelli di MacLean


To “live” online means having something to share with those around us: whether it’s a text, pictures and/or videos. It all starts with one thing: contents.

To create contents that are, at the same time, high quality and convincing is a real goal to be achieved, but only with the right communication techniques. The most important tool that a professional has for their business. During these times we are literally filled with advertisements, communications and announcements. This information overload forces us to attract the brain of our followers toward believable, emotional and logical contents.

How? By taking three essential steps:

1. To define the goals that we want to achieve
2. To define our audience
3. To define the Tone of Voice of our company

Definizione degli obiettivi

Define the goals you want to achieve with your communication strategy: that’s the first step to take to reach important goals.

The goals can be many, depending on your company: we can decide to increase our brand visibility, to expand our contacts network, or to increase the trust in our brand or business.

Once we defined the goals we monitor, step by step, the results achieved and the data that will lead us to the right direction to take.

Stilizzazione della targetizzazione dell'audience


The client is the only protagonist of our stories. The one that, thanks to our words, makes a real journey, the one that, thanks to our help, achieves the desired goals.

It’s essential to know the client if you want to capture his attention, engage his mind and push him to action: you have to understand his desires, needs and requests. By intercepting these elements and communicating, with the right words, the benefits he’ll get thanks to our help, we will win him over!

Together we define your audience and study the best strategy to engage, excite and convert them!


Creating your company’s tone of voice allows you to communicate your values, products and services in the best possible way. It’s essential for you to know that the same concept, expressed with different words, gets different results. That’s why every word has its own weight, its importance and its effect.

How do we choose the right words, then? Through scientific studies of neurolinguistics applied to marketing. And this is all supported by data, for proven results!

Note: there’s only one tone of voice and you have to use it in every area of your company’s communication, both online and offline.

What are you waiting for? Choose your company’s words and the right patterns, then achieve your goals!

Stilizzazione della metafora del viaggio dell'eroe


Touch our readers through storytelling. Writing in a way that captures the audience attention. Associate meaningful concepts to every single content. That’s what it means to create an excellent storytelling for your company. Knowing how to tell our story is an art, touching the right points is the mission of those who decide to share their identity online.
Thanks to our digital storytelling you get the following benefits:

1. Communicate your uniqueness, differentiate yourself with style;
2. Create an interaction with your audience, that will actively respond to your contents;
3. Position the brand on search engines with quality contents.


Do you know what’s the first step to take to create quality contents? Write for the audience we are referring to. Knowing our audience, empathize with them and understand their needs. Only then we will concretely answer to their wishes.
If we know our audience we know which words to use to engage them and create a long-lasting relationship. We will become, for our target audience, a trustworthy source.
We have to write the best contents for search engines, the best source present with the highest quality information.
What’s our goal, then? To rank on search engines!
What are you waiting for? Enhance your brand, choose the correct words and rank your business!